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Ron Malezis

About Ron Malezis

My name is Ron Malezis. I am the founder of LeadPower.net. For over 30 years I’ve been a respected producer in the network marketing profession. As a top earner in this industry, I built downline teams to over 100,000 reps with 3 separate companies. That’s because early on I learned how to capitalize on the powerful advantage of having teams who worked leads. We mastered a simple set of skills and became very successful. There is a clear, proven system to working leads, and it is one of the most financially rewarding activities you and your team can do. I want to teach you everything you need to know about how to effectively work leads and eliminate any obstacles you may face along the way. I have created a number of very effective resources that will teach you precisely what you need to know. I’ll reveal some surprisingly simple truths and teach you exactly what to do in order to build a massively profitable business.



Our Telephone Interviewed Leads have been contacted by our call center staff before they are delivered to your account. We confirm their interest in a Home Based Business, also request the best time for someone to call them back. Every prospect has been confirmed through a personal conversation with one of our call verification […]

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Focus on one thing.


Here’s the key on this, don’t major in minor things. If you take up major time to do minor things, I’m telling you, you’ll be behind the curve constantly. Here’s what we learned in sales training. What’s major time and what’s minor time? Here’s minor time; thinking about prospects. Here’s minor time; making lists […]

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The Best Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training
Today’s show on Network Marketing Training  is one that you’re gonna want to watch and forward to your entire team. I think we can all agree that the person in network marketing with the best trained team wins. That was my philosophy my entire career. All the top earners it’s their top philosophy—train […]

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10 Rules for Success in Network Marketing

He’s the author of one of the bestselling business book series of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad. For the past several years, he’s been a huge supporter of the network marketing industry. He’s made the claim that network marketing is “The business” of the 21st century. Mentor me, Robert.

Robert: So let me tell […]

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5 Steps To Unlimited MLM Prospects

I remember when I first got involved in the network marketing profession, I was so stressed out about, asking myself the question every single day—do I know anybody, do I know anyone. And since I was so young, just 22 years old, most of the people I knew didn’t have any money. They were […]

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Old Concepts New Techniques Unlimited Worth

Network Marketing Concepts

Hello to my network marketing professional friends around the world!

Today, I have a few questions for you. Let me ask you this. What would it be worth to you to never run out of quality prospect to talk to? What would that be worth if you had to measure it monetarily? What […]

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Network Marketing Rejection-Video Training

If you’re going to be successful in network marketing, guess what you got to do? You have to reprogram your mind. You got to think completely different than you’ve thought up until this point.If you’re a traditional business owner, you think you’re going to just be able to apply all the traditional business concepts […]

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