Our Leads are by far one of the strongest, most qualified leads available today. We want you to succeed and we feel very strongly that you will have an edge in turning your prospects into new distributors. Unless you have an unlimited flow of fresh, qualified leads wishing to contact you on a daily basis, you will soon realize your nest is empty. The key to success in building & maintaining your business is a consistent flow of new prospects to talk to.

MLM Leads - Business Opportunity Leads

How do you choose right leads that are truly interested in starting home business, just like you?

Where can you find a lead generation company that takes you and your business seriously-one that actually cares about your success whether you are a leader with 10,000 people in your team or you're just starting out? We make it easy.

LeadPower MLM Leads a leader in MLM lead generation LeadPower operates with a single passion: generating the best and most responsive and best converting business opportunity leads. Our reputation for high quality service and network marketing leads is recognized throughout this industry.

Whether you're looking for the custom mlm lead specific to your opportunity, or just browsing for responsive, non incentivized, and never over-sold business opportunity leads, you'll find it right here.

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Are you Looking for best results? Tap into the premier source for MLM, Network Marketing, and business-opportunity leads. Delivered in real-time by LeadPower, our Leads let you expand your explode quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

  • Real-Time Delivery. Connect with high-quality leads in just seconds.
  • Email Notifications. We'll send leads straight to your inbox or your cell phone instantly.
  • Free Back Control Panel. You can download your leads with the click of a button.
  • Awesome Customer Service. Get the help from people that can help you. 
  • Non incentivized business opportunity leads. We refuse to bribe or trick prospects into becoming leads!
  • Print your mlm leads, export leads to your computer via csv or excel, and much more.
  • Free Back Control Panel. You can download your leads with the click of a button.
  • We have a No bad leads guarantee.
  • Prospects that are Serious and Receptive, just like you.

LeadPower has been leading the industry in providing quality, affordable, responsive leads since 1999. We're looking for new upcoming leaders who want to develop their business. Our company can provide the very solution for a wide variety of network and direct marketers from the person just starting out in Network Marketing, to the biggest leaders in the industry. It's doesn't matter what the point of growth you are at, we want to become your lead provider. We will strive to be the best provider in the industry, try us and find out.

LeadPower was started on the belief that a different kind of lead company was needed in the industry. We believed that a company could flourish in this industry without over selling the leads. Did you know that some lead companies sell their leads as many as 10 to 12 times? How can a person actually compete for new prospects with 12 other people calling and e-mailing them? We believe that being honest about the leads and telling people what they actually are without all the false hype is a good thing.

We also wanted to work with leaders to provide quality leads to their down-lines and have them actually get a good prospect to call. It is so frustrating in this industry as a leader to send your people to a lead company only to have them be frustrated with the quality of the leads. The best way for anyone to build their business is to teach new members how to duplicate what is successful. The way to do that is provide them quality leads and have them see results.

We limit the amount of times the leads are shared.

We understand the importance of your advertising dollar, and we want you to succeed. Many companies will charge you up to two dollars for the same type of leads, and as we acknowledge the leads might be great, your probably sharing those leads with five other companies! We want your business each and every month, along with your whole organization. The only way we can accomplish this is to put our clients in the very best position to win, and most importantly, profit.

Each lead you receive from us is a potential prospect who has seen one of our pop-ups or various advertisements that we have placed around the Internet. Clicking on one of our advertisements brings the potential prospect to a business opportunity site, where they may have read more about the advantages of working from home or read testimonials from successful network marketers. After they have perused this information, they can choose to take it a step further by filling out our survey, which are the lead profiles you have at your disposal.

These people have taken the time to tell us the factors that are most important to them when choosing the right home-based business. These people are serious business opportunity seekers!

Due to the extremely limited supply of these leads we would ask that you get your group locked in with leads today! If we are sold out of leads available to your company, you will be contacted immediately. We do offer a monthly-auto ship program, which is very popular, and effective in maintaining a steady flow of fresh leads. We offer a monthly auto-ship program where you can order (min) 100 leads per week up to 500 leads per week. These numbers are capped because we feel it is in the best interest of everyone to allow as many people to participate in our incredible lead program.

Your Success is Our Success

We're not interested in selling you business opportunity leads once or twice-we want to be your business-building partner for life and we'll prove it to you. To sum it up, your success is our business.
So whether you're an experienced networker or brand new, you owe it to yourself to get started with LeadPower MLM Leads.

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