Local Leads.....Fast, Simple and Convenient Way to Build Your Local Team!!

Get 100 Free Leads that's a $50 Free Bonus when you sign up for our DAILY Local Area Code Lead Program

We Generate over 20,000!!! FRESH Local Daily Area Code Leads each day!.......

Imagine getting leads on a daily basis from your area code. There are 240 area codes in the US and we can delivery leads generated daily in each of these area codes.

Our Daily Area Code Leads are delivered directly to your LeadPower account 7 days a week. 

How this works:

>>  50 per Lead + $14.95 one time set-up fee

>>  You will receive your leads daily. Usually before 8:00 AM EST.

>>  You can cancel anytime...All you do is send us a faxed cancellation letter. You can restart your leads again with no additional set up fees.

>>  With each lead you get the following information.  Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Time and Date Stamp, and IP Address

Selfserve Leads (24 x 7)
Telephone Interviewed MLM Leads
Premium Short Forms
Redirected Leads
Daily Area Code (Local Leads)
Speciality Leads

Your leads the will then be placed in your LeadPower Control Panel.  You will be emailed your Username & Password to access this panel as well as a link to view your leads.

This is an example of what you will see when you click on the link emailed to you after ordering your leads from Lead Power:


Order Quantity

Lead Type


Order Number


View Leads



Real Time

Feb 20 2010


>>  How can we do this?

At present we are generating over 20,000 Leads on a daily basis.  Through our automated, state of the art technology, we can create instant daily distribution of area code specific leads.

>> How this works:

Your leads will be delivered to your LeadPower account daily and are generated within 24-48 Hours.  We deliver 20 leads per day, 7 days a week. 

>> How Many Leads Can You Get Daily:

You will receive up to 20 leads daily that are generated in the area code that you choose. 

>> Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel anytime, but it will take effect the next business day.  All Sales are final.  There are no refunds. Cancellation must be received by 3:00 PM EST and only received BY FAX.  Our Fax: (423) 536-6023.  No phone or email request will be taken.

>> Replacement Policy:

All orders will receive an extra 10% overage to account for any bad records.  No further replacements or refunds can be offered.

>> Any Questions:

You may call our office at (423) 536-6200 from 10:00 AM -6:00PM  EST.

>> 100 Free Lead Promotion

This offer is only available for first time subscribers to the Daily Area Code Lead program.  You get 100 free leads per order you place. 

If one order is placed for $14.95 you will receive 100 free bonus leads.  

If you sign up for 3 sets of Daily Area Code Leads and you pay the $14.95 fee three different times you are qualified to receive 300 Free Leads.  Please be aware that this also qualifies you to receive 60 leads per day!

Because of availability the 100 Free leads are nationwide non-area specific, US Only! 

Please enter the AREA Code(s) you desire, please separate your choices with a comma. The maximum amount of leads is 20 per area code.

Area Code(s):

Here are the
FOUR STEPS that we
use to generate our leads:

 Step #1  The Prospect responds to this ad:

Step #2 The prospect reads the complete ad and completes the requested form.

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First Name:
Last Name:

STEP #3 The Prospect receives this email immediately after they have registered:

Dear ,

Thank you for requesting information on how you can be your own boss while working at home. You recently visited one of our partner websites and requested more information.

You've made a great choice! This fabulous opportunity will allow you to start living the life you have always wanted. Make $400-$500 working part-time each week, and still have time to enjoy family and friends. 

If you are not interested in this offer and wish to be removed from this opportunity, please http://unsubsubscribe/.

STEP #4  We take all the collected data and then perform the verification process.

With each individual lead, we verify the city, state, and zip code.  All phone (area code and prefix) are verified to match the zip code. 

Every lead is sent a verifying email to confirm that the email address is valid. Any lead which requests to be removed or is an invalid email address, is removed immediately.

Replacement Policy: We will replace inaccurate phone numbers, disconnected phone numbers, and minors on Long Form and Telephone Verified Leads. These leads must be returned to LeadPower.com within 14 days of when they were issued. Short Form lead orders will automatically receive 10% overage for any bad records and no further replacements or refunds will be given.

Delivery: We will set up an account at LeadPower.com. You will receive an email link to your back office where you can access and view your leads online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can download your leads in CSV, Text or even view and print them from the screen.

Real Time leads will be emailed to you and added to your LeadPower.com account. If the leads are not delivered to your inbox you can log-in to your personal LeadPower.com account and retrieve your leads. LeadPower.com cannot be responsible for emails not delivered due to Spam Filters, Junk Mail Folders, etc.

QUESTIONS! You Call Our Office

(423) 536-6200 Between 10:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday-Friday.

Available for telephone orders: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM EST

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