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Super Targeted Clicks.

Look. You already KNOW that your success in online marketing lives or dies with the traffic that sees your offer. It’s like that old computer term: G.I.G.O in which stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out.  It doesn’t matter how great your offer is… IF you’re putting it in front of the WRONG PEOPLE. We provide EXACTLY what you need… the highest quality traffic, at intensely competitive prices.

Get Great Results with our TIER 1 USA ONLY Targeted Traffic.

  • Which countries does your traffic originate from? I deliver English-speaking visitors to your offer(s). 100% comes from the US.
  • Are there any guarantees of results? Like with any advertising media, I can’t guarantee results. I promise to do my absolute best to generate the highest possible response for your offer, however, you need to understand that with any form of advertising there’s a certain level of risk.
  • How fast will you deliver the purchased clicks? We guarantee the purchased amount of clicks within 30 Days of Starting.
  • Are the prices are for unique clicks? All the prices below are for unique clicks, which means that these clicks are from different (unique) visitors.

The Two-Step Process:  Let me explain to what the two-step process is:  What we do is we send our traffic to our landing page, once a person registers we then redirect that person to you as traffic.  So there are not only qualified but they’re verified that they’ve gone through two steps to get to where you’re at.

This is the best quality traffic you can get.


Super Premium USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


75 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


200 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


400 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

Heavy Hitter

800 Unique Super Targeted
Clicks. USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

Super Heavy Hitter

1500 Unique Super Targeted
Clicks. USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

The service and quality of this company are the best I have experienced in over 30 years in network marketing. The conversion rate of leads has been higher than any other lead provider I have done business with, and there have been a lot. I highly recommend this company, LEAD POWER, as I believe you will be delighted in the way they do their business. I certainly will reorder since I have seen a continual growth rate in my downline using the leads, service, and training provided by LEAD POWER.


You did everything you said you would do.

THE $100K CLU.

1,000 clicks

Tons of leads Prompt deliver Professional service

My downline

Thomas B.

I was blown away by the number of sign ups I received the 1st day.

I've been in Network Marketing for years and always had challenges getting constant quality traffic to my website. A good friend of mine told me about and how they provide quality leads and traffic. Thank you so much LeadPower, I was blown away by the number of sign ups I received the 1st day. I received 6 sign ups day one right out of the box. If you are looking to grow your business is the way to go and you could be missing out on sign ups if you're not using them. ROCK'S!!

Paul Hau

I did my first order of clicks to my funnel and got 25% opt-in/leads to my landing page and they left their name and email!! I’m very excited and pleased with the outcome. I will do more in the future!!


100 Unique Super Targeted Clicks to my landing page

Quick turn around Cost effective Great leads

It’s quicker than seasoning a FB page, blogging or putting up YouTube videos,

Johnathon S.

Affiliate Marketer

Incredible! The traffic is amazing. I’ve never gotten a 85% opt-in rate!

Super Affiliate Program

100 Clicks

High Opt-in Great Customer Service Fast Traffic

Yes! This traffic is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because it converts better than anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve invested in a countless number of traffic sites and this is by far the best! Trust me.

Stephen S. Network Marketer

I purchased 300 clicks and within 72 hours I had 125 exclusive leads, and 54 of those leads watched our main video and completed a 7 question application. I've enrolled 2 so far in my business, and I'm still following up with all of the applications. This is so simple, fast, and fun to build the business this way rather than trying to "sell" friends, family, and strangers who, for the most part, aren't even LOOKING for an opportunity like these leads are. I can tap my leaders into this traffic source with confidence!


300 tier 1 clicks

Quick delivery Quality Traffic Excellent Customer Service

If you have a good landing page, and a strong offer, this traffic WILL convert. Try it!... the next click and lead could be the next superstar in your business!

Dianne Fox Vollara

I signed up 6 new business associates from just the first 25 I've received from my Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads! Yes!

Harvey V. CTFO

There are many business lead sources online and Leadpower is my top choice with real results. You can not go wrong with Leadpower leads. Leadpower leads are cost effective and I plan on reordering often.

Chuck H 30 Year MLM Veteran, Multi-Million Dollar Earner.


Seldom ever am I overly excited about spending money on ADVERTISING. I subscribed to the LEAD POWER TARGETED TRAFFIC - 100 UNIQUE VISITORS and I received a total of 40 people that viewed my landing page and REGISTERED for more information. Based on these results I plan to do this all the time.

Noel F. LegalShield

LeadPower is the best company I ever used. I was able to recruit 44 people on my team using LeadPower leads. Ron and his staff are superb! They provide quality training. They truly care about your success. Fear of the phone. Get on their LIVE lead calls. Problem solved! Compared to other companies I used in the past, LeadPower is by far the best value. You can't beat their lead packages. I've been using LeadPower for years and continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

Chris L I'm happy to say I've received Incredible results!

Network Marketer-32 years full time

I've been in the industry for 32 years full time. I'e tried many traffic and lead companies. I've known Ron and Lead Power for years and their one of the few lead companies that passed the test of time and been in business for decades. I decided to give the traffic to my web site a try, I'm happy to say I've received Incredible results! I now have my team receiving company specific leads! Bravo!


Traffic to specific company lead capture page

Instant leads put into my team!

Just do it!

David T Network Marketer

Amazing Results

My company provided me with a great website, then I was lost. I found out about Leadpower Clicks, on the recommendation of my upline, I tried it and have generated over 70 Leads, two weeks later the follow up letters create 3 new enrollments in my business. Thanks so much.

Patrick G Online Marketing Pro with Digital Income system and The Conversion pros.

Every single time I buy leads or traffic I get outstanding results.

Digital Income system and The Conversion pros.

Clicks to my website

I achieved a 44% opt-in rate with Leadpower! (Never broke 35% before). My opt-in page contained Full Name, Email, Phone number (optional). Most traffic I’ve tried never fill out the phone number area or put a fake number. Leadpower traffic 70% left their real phone number and we’re happy to hear from me... Amazing results. The other 30% I can see they are opening my emails so it’s a work in progress with them. Never seen results like this before.

Why should you buy leadpower traffic? Very simple: NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE !! It’s simply the best.

Daniel Thompson Internet Marketer

Check out was super easy. They started delivering right away (within hours).

1) name recognition 2) traffic 3) building my list for future emailing.

The clicks are real people, not a bot. I look forward to future business with LP.

Evora Baker

I am 100% satisfied with Leadpower and the quality of leads they provide. I call over 100 people a day and the number of unreachable numbers is about 1% which is much lower than the other lead company I previously used. The Shaklee Corporation Real Time Short Form, Clicks, Weight Loss, and aged leads. 1. Higher quality prospects ready to be engaged. 2.More sign-ups in a shorter time-frame. 3. A constant supply of fresh leads in different categories. If you are looking for high quality leads with several lead options and categories, you should be using Leadpower. When rating a lead provider, I use quality of leads, quantity of leads and support from the company as my rating criteria. Leadpower has an 'A' in all three categories listed above. The turnaround time from support is fantastic - you don't get a canned email that says we will get back with you in 12-24 hours; and email responses are prompt. In fact, you can actually talk with a real person.

Bryan B. Internet Marketer

Traffic is the lifeblood of a marketer

Traffic is the lifeblood of a marketer and it is so difficult quality to find traffic that gives you leads that convert and gives you sales. I found that Lead Power's traffic not only gave me great leads but I also received sales. So what does that mean to me? I need more traffic from Lead Power.

Diane B

Network Marketer

Lead Power generates an excellent lead. They are specific to your needs and I have fantastic luck with them. I recommend them to people in my down line all the time and I use them, myself, on a regular basis.I am also very impressed with their customer service. They are easy to get in touch with, they immediately handle your questions, concerns or requests and the staff is very accommodating. I recommend Lead Power real time leads to anyone looking for a high quality lead at a very reasonable price.

Stevie S Internet Marketer

Awesome Results

I received 59 leads, 2 initial sales and 4 friend request from my 150 clicks; but most importantly, there opening up my emails! I will return to purchase more clicks.

Your Order will take 3-30 Days to complete.  If you would like it completed  quickly, please specify in comments when checking out. Also if you would like it slower for example if you would like to get a max of 50 clicks per day.