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Why our Traffic is DIFFERENT!

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Super Targeted Clicks.

Look. You already KNOW that your success in online marketing lives or dies with the traffic that sees your offer. It’s like that old computer term: G.I.G.O in which stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out.  It doesn’t matter how great your offer is… IF you’re putting it in front of the WRONG PEOPLE. We provide EXACTLY what you need… the highest quality traffic, at intensely competitive prices.

Get Great Results with our TIER 1 USA ONLY Targeted Traffic.

  • Which countries does your traffic originate from? I deliver English-speaking visitors to your offer(s). 100% comes from the US.
  • Are there any guarantees of results? Like with any advertising media, I can’t guarantee results. I promise to do my absolute best to generate the highest possible response for your offer, however, you need to understand that with any form of advertising there’s a certain level of risk.
  • How fast will you deliver the purchased clicks? We guarantee the purchased amount of clicks within 30 Days of Starting.
  • Are the prices are for unique clicks? All the prices below are for unique clicks, which means that these clicks are from different (unique) visitors.

The Two-Step Process:  Let me explain to what the two-step process is:  What we do is we send our traffic to our landing page, once a person registers we then redirect that person to you as traffic.  So there are not only qualified but they’re verified that they’ve gone through two steps to get to where you’re at.

This is the best quality traffic you can get.


Super Premium USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


75 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


200 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)


400 Unique Super Targeted Clicks.
USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

Heavy Hitter

800 Unique Super Targeted
Clicks. USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

Super Heavy Hitter

1500 Unique Super Targeted
Clicks. USA Traffic Only (Tier 1)

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Your Order will take 3-30 Days to complete.  If you would like it completed  quickly, please specify in comments when checking out. Also if you would like it slower for example if you would like to get a max of 50 clicks per day.