Since 1998 we have provided leads to over 174,000 + Network Marketers!

LEAD POWER is NOT a Network Marketing company. However, we ARE one of  the world’s largest, most successful, most reputable VENDOR of the highest quality leads, specializing in the Network Marketing profession.

LEAD POWER truly is your ultimate one-stop-shop for the very best Home Based Business and MLM leads! We provide you with only the freshest, most up-to-date leads possible, to help you build a successful, profitable, and sustainable business.

NEVER AGAIN WORRY about not having enough prospects to talk to about your business.

  • NO bugging family and friends.
  • NO wasted time and money learning how to advertise
  • NO time spent blogging or creating videos that never get seen
  • NO building expensive sales funnels, or endless hours writing copy

ALL THE LEADS you receive from us are highly qualified individuals who have stepped-up and identified themselves as being interested in getting involved with a home based business. You just have to reach out and connect with them.

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Package 1


  • 300 Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads.
  • (0-48 Hours old)
  • $.43 per lead
  • +10% Overage

Package 2


  • 600 Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads.
  • (0-48 Hours old)
  • $.27 per lead
  • +10% Overage

Package 3


  • 1,000 Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads.
  • (0-48 Hours old)
  • $.24 per lead
  • +10% Overage

2 Part VIDEO and PDF Mini Training Course



Best Ways to Contact your Leads…Scripts and More!

14 Pages

Download Work Book PDF

Closing Prospects with the Right Six Questions after they have Watched a Presentation.

4 Pages

Here at LeadPower.Net we provide you with the very best training materials and professional sales coaching possible: LIVE DIAL TRAINING.

As you may already know, we have written and refined the very best field-tested scripts that are proven to work. We supply you with the right words so that you can focus on your delivery, without worrying about what to say.

However, we go FAR beyond what other companies offer in order to help you acquire this important new sales skill. Here, we SHOW YOU exactly WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT in order to maximize your success.

With our LIVE DIAL TRAINING we give you the opportunity to LISTEN-IN as our head instructor gets on the phone and calls actual leads. This is done LIVE, in real-time. You get to see for yourself exactly how a professional connects with and closes leads. You’ll hear our instructor deal with every type of situation you’re likely to encounter.

Participating in LIVE DIAL TRAINING is the very best way to learn how to call your leads.

Even better, there is NO CHARGE for it. Yes. You can attend as many sessions as you like without cost. Just think of what this can mean for the growth of your team to be able to provide them with a service like that!.

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